Experience Henry River Mill Village’s filming locations in The Hunger Games™ movie, like never before. Your behind-the-scenes filming tour of District 12 will include also include fun scene re-enactments, Archery Lessons and Archery Tag.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Henry River Mill Village, LLC to give you the opportunity to tour the filming sites at Henry River Mill Village – to learn the behind the scenes stories – and to give you the chance to do new experiences during your tour. Not only will you have a chance to stand in the shoes of your favorite character at the bakery with an apron and burnt bread…you’ll also get exclusive access to your favorite heroine’s house to re-enact the scenes where she comforts her sister and mother and where she grabs her coat to head out to hunt. You’ll meander your way through the village and you’ll have a chance to see the site where the coal mining explosion was filmed.Your activities include learning archery like your favorite character and putting your archery skills to the test in a game of Archery Tag™ with foam-tipped arrows to see if you have what it takes to survive.

Tours are offered on select Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-12:30pm.

Your tour experience, which will be 2.5 hours long includes:

  • Experienced, fun, informative guides and staff
  • Re-enactment of scenes with costumes
  • The behind the scenes look at all filming locations in Henry River Mill Village
  • Archery workshop/lesson
  • Participation in Archery Tag™

Cost $30-$35 per person. Pre-registration is necessary.

SHUTTLE SERVICE FROM ASHEVILLE: Visiting in Asheville and want to come take a tour? Shuttle service is available and can be arranged by calling (828) 883-3244.

Private tours are also available for large groups. Please email for more information about opening spaces on sold out tours as well as about private tours.

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