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Coming to town? Hunger Games Super Fun Virtual tours are available! Let us tell you all the filming stories no one knows - give you a map and then let you go see the sites with your family on your own at your leisure! While we are not doing our live tours because of COVID- if you are coming to town and want to see the filming sites - We love our fans and we'd be happy to arrange a social distancing meeting or zoom call to tell you about all the being the scenes amazing stories - and then give you a map so you can explore these sites with your friends and family safely on your own at your leisure! It's 15-30 mins of super fun. Just $5 per person. Call or email us to arrange your virtual tour....Leigh Trapp - 949.610.5560 - leigh@hungergamesfantours.com A quick COVID-19 Tour update - while we would love to be offering tours right now - because of COVID-19 - we are not offering tours right now. We love our fans and our staff and we want to keep them safe. Because so many of our activities - and walking to different locations require us to be in close proximity to each other - it's not possible to be in 6 ft. safe distancing spacing. We look forward to a time when it's safe to gather everyone together - and we'll post as soon as we can offer tours again. In the meantime, may the odds be ever in your favor to be safe, healthy and happy. All our best from The Hunger Games Fan Tours staff. Join movie fans for the ultimate Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours’ day tours – as featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Hollywood Treasures, the NY Times and USA Today! Tickets sales not currently on sale because of COVID in "Arena"/DuPont State Recreational Forest/tours - as well as for our "District 12"/Henry River Mill Village tours. Walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters by touring filming locations from the original hit film, The Hunger Games™. Tours include film locations, tour guides, hands-on activities - including archery lessons, and Archery Tag™, photo opportunities and bonding with other fans. Gift certificates are available.

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